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Project Solutions Custom Crafted to Your Organization’s Needs

Techknowledgy, Inc offers the following Project Management Solutions, custom designed to make Project Management a Competitive Advantage for Your Organization:

Project Management Methodology Design and Implementation –  Many organizations today are concerned about their ability to effectively manage projects. They realize the importance of successful project management, but aren’t sure they can afford the infrastructure needed to deliver projects using proven PM methodologies. We can help you by evaluating your current project management processes and designing a Project Management methodology that will meet your organization’s unique needs.

We specialize in designing methodologies that can be implemented with minimum infrastructure while still providing accurate tracking. We also help develop processes that will meet your organizations unique needs and culture to ensure the methodology provides maximum benefit . Our services also include help in  implementation of the processes. We don’t just give you a laundry list of changes you need to make and walk away, we will stand by you to help ensure a successful implementation of the plans we develop.

Improving Project Management  Performance - Do your projects always seem to cost too much and/or come in late, with the end result being less than what you had hoped for? Let Techknowledgy, Inc help you plan, control, and implement your projects. Our staff of certified PMPs understand how to implement a methodology that will bring your project in on time, on budget, and on goal. We will craft a project plan that reflects the culture of your organization and works with your strengths rather than dictates standards that may not be relevant to your business.

Project Management Mentoring - Recruiting costs can be high, and often after you have spent the money recruiting someone you find out that they just don’t fit in with your organization’s culture. Why not let Techknowledgy, Inc. help you grow your Project Management Staff? We will help your proven Human Resources to fulfill their Project Management Potential by putting together a customized plan that will build on employee strengths and document a plan to address areas with growth needs.

Improving Program Office Performance - Are you taking advantage of potential synergies that are available when you manage multiple projects? Techknowledgy, Inc professionals can help you to :

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We will work with your current Program Office to develop and implement Processes and Procedures, or perform PMO services for your organization.