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Project Solutions Custom Crafted to Your Organization’s Needs

Many organizations today are concerned about their ability to effectively manage projects. They realize the importance of successful project management, but aren’t sure they can afford the infrastructure needed to deliver projects using proven PM methodologies. We can help you by evaluating your current project management processes and designing a Project Management methodology that will meet your organization’s unique needs.

Techknowledgy, Inc. was created in 2005 to help organizations to take advantage of proven Project Management  methodologies without getting bogged down in infrastructure needs that they cannot afford nor fit with their goal oriented culture.

Pete Matassa, President of Techknowledgy, Inc. has over 35 years of corporate experience. During that time he has been able to determine which Project Management techniques work and which ones just add a cost or bureaucratic burden to the organization.

He has led, and taken part in numerous IT Projects of various sizes.

He has designed and implemented Project Management Training courses for both small and large organizations.

Pete has the following professional credentials:

Let Pete and the Techknowledgy, Inc. Team bring this experience to your organization to help turn Project Management into a Competitive Advantage for you!

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