10 Great Office Tips from TechRepupblic

Recently TechRepublic¬†published Susan Harkins, ‘My 10 favorite Office tips of the year’.¬† Although TechRepublic is always a great provider of useful technology info, this article is particularly useful to all users of MS Office – which is probably about 95% of people who use PCs. The article contains the following useful tips:

  1. How to edit a MS Word document in Print Preview
  2. A Find and Replace trick for insetting new text
  3. How to add a quick comparison chart to a worksheet
  4. How to remove background coloring from a logo in a MS PowerPoint presentation
  5. How to add a ticker tape readout effect to a MS PowerPoint presentation
  6. How to sum values in a MS Excel filtered list
  7. How to quickly fill blank cells in MS Excel
  8. How to add a watermark to MS Word documents
  9. How to get instant sums using MS Excel’s status bar
  10. How to create an email shortcut on your desktop for quick mailing to people you correspond with frequently

To read the entire article with detailed descriptions on how to implement these tips, go to http://i.techrepublic.com.com/downloads/Gilbert/dl_10_fave_office_tips.pdf

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