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Project Solutions Custom Crafted to Your Organization’s Needs

PM Solutions Let us help you craft a solution that is custom made to enhance the competitiveness of your organization.

We understand that when it comes to Project Management the Organization’s Culture is as important as the methodology.

When the Organization Culture and the PM Methodology are not in agreement, the PM Methodology either slows down business processes or it is ignored. Neither outcome is conducive to business success.  

Your team should not have to choose between the PM Methodology and Organization Business Practices, Both need to be in alignment for Project Success.

We will build a methodology that aligns to your organization’s values.

Project Management Training We provide training to enhance your organization’s competitiveness. Our training focuses on the current needs of your team with an emphasis on applying training immediately to your operations.

Our classes start with standard objectives relevant to the subject matter, we then meet with the management team to determine how the class should be focused to ensure that tools and techniques relevant to the organization are covered in detail. The result is a course that allows students to return to work and apply the lessons learned the day after class ends.

On Time

On Budget

On Goal

These are not the ‘impossible dream’ or  
‘nice to haves’

They are a Competitive Necessity!

Let Techknowledgy, Inc.  help your Organization take Project Management from Policies and Procedures to
Competitive Advantage!